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 fire amazon

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PostSubject: fire amazon   Sat Jun 06, 2009 9:20 am

Strength: Enough for gear. ~110 should be good.
Dexterity: ~200+, which should be sufficient for most gear.
Vitality: Rest

20 Fire Arrow
20 Exploding Arrow
20 Strafe
15 in Valk
5 Penetrate
5 Pierce
1 in all Passives
1 in each prereq
~5 currently in Immo Arrow.

Strafe is the main attack skill. Most of your fire comes from gear choices, which I'll list below.

Weapon: HoJ Great Bow
Armor: CoH Wyrmhide
Helm: Blackhorn's Face w/ 15%IAS/9 max jewel
Belt: Wilhelm's Pride
Gloves: Lava Gout
Boots: Gore Rider
Ammy: Mara's, alternates Atma's and Rising Sun
Rings: Raven and Carrion Wind

Life and Poison dam. Keep in mind that it's more effective to have life charms than stat charms, as you have have 20 life vs. 2 str or dex on a small charm. Effectively, the 2 str or dex is equivalent to 6 life and is therefore worthless.

I want to point out first that I don't have Bow skill charms or Passive charms, else I'd be using them. Passive charms are far more beneficial to the build.
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fire amazon
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