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 Lightning Amazon

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PostSubject: Lightning Amazon   Sat Jun 06, 2009 9:19 am

This is easily the least item dependent melee character out there with the possible exception of Shockadin. It's also one of the best boss killers out there.


Strength: enough for gear, shoot for 107 (Tstrokes)
Dexterity: Enough for gear/block. 151 minimum for Tstrokes
Vitality: Rest
Energy: None

Max Charged Strike
Max Lightning Fury
Max (either) Lightning Strike/Power Strike
10-20 Valk
1-5 Decoy
5-10 Penetrate
1-5 Pierce


Helm: Griffon Eye, +2 skills Circlet w/ resists, or Harlequin Crest
Armor: Most flexible piece, CoH or Enigma are best, Smoke is also good, or Duriel's Shell w/ Facet
Weaps: Tstrokes (+4, -15% lightning res) and/or Titans
Shield: Stormshield, 2 um Moser, or Lidless
Gloves: +3 Jav skills, 20% IAS
Boots: Up'd Hotspur, Infernostride, Waterwalk, or rare of choice
Belt: Thundergod's or Verdungo's
Rings: 1 Raven, BulKathos, SOJ, rare w/ +mana
Ammy: Maras or rare +2 resist/mana/life

Charms: At least 2-4 lightning charms are needed for this. Anni if you have it (obviously), mana, life, and resists.

Play tips: Charged strike is the biggest beatstick ever. Any large model monsters (Venom Lords, all act bosses, Minions of Destruction, etc.) will be hit by every bolt, meaning huge amounts of damage. With -enemy resists, you'll smash anything without lightning immune. Use valk and merc to aid with physical damage and soaking.

LF is great crowd control. Lightning Strike, when working properly, deals well with spread out monsters, while Power Strike deals extremely well with individual small model monsters.

Numbers to shoot for:
1.2k life
400+ mana
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Lightning Amazon
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