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 Phoenix Strike assasin

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PostSubject: Phoenix Strike assasin   Sat Jun 06, 2009 9:29 am

Build name: Phoenix Strike
Ups : Great For PvM Easy Huge Damage (out damage all other classes by about 25% or so)
Downs: This build like most martial sins is not ment for pvp (unless your jackie chan with your hands


well were gonna say were pretty elite here and go with facts that you have torch anni etc etc.

str - just enough to wear gear
dex - you want to have exactly 222 here
vita - rest here
energy - only if your stupid (in other wards dont do it)

110 Skill Points to spend with quests and max lvl

Max Dragon Claw
Max Phoenix Strike
Max Burst Of Speed
Max Claw Mastery
18 in venom
1 in mind blast
1 in blade sheild
1 in dragon flight
rest split between fire ice and light claw attacks in martial tree
to over all add to your Phoenix Strikes damage or what i call (dps) ( yes i use wow terms for d2)
1 point in wep block
DO NOT PUT ANYTHING INTO SHADOW MASTER OR SHADOW WARRIOR (waste of points for this build unless u really wanna sacrifice damage for a image of yourself)

Or another way to set up your skills
If your going for a one handed weapon with max block

Max Tiger Strike
Max Phoenix Strike
Max Burst of speed
Max Claw Mastery
18 venom
etc etc same 1 point wonders as above with no shadow warrior/shadow master

How To Play This Sin to Its Full Potential :
This sin is about quick efficent damage to bring down mobs fast note to yourself that dragon claw build with 2 claws will be alot faster than tiger strike in general. Playing a Martial sin is simple you just have to watch the little orbs or known as Charges floating around your character and pay attention
have your Main ability on the left be Dragon claw (always d claw) on the other side you always will be using dragon flight and mind blast to leave and enter combat but your main ability on the right will be Phoenix Strike.
to get the max damage out of PS
Dragon claw once u will see 1 orb
then PS
when u do this it will release its first attack for the first charge which will do the best minimal damage for that first attack
then dragon claw twice get 2 orbs and use PS yet again
to get your second charge attack out fast
then wait for 3 orbs finally
and let go your 3rd charge (which always has about max damage with all the charges youve used so far)
all of phoenix strikes finishing attacks
you will notice are AoE (area of affect abilities)
Frost Nova
Chain lightning
then finally Meteor
doing this quick and right will lead you to out damage everyone else. about 10 to 1
for stuns and knock backs and quick get aways make great use of Mind Blast and Dragon flight
sometimes if you want a little extra stun since u have to put 1 point in it as a prereq for blade sheild throw down a wake of fire (for stunning purposes not damage)
always have Blade sheild and Burst of Speed up for max Ias and Ims along with some nice dodging effects.

Enjoy the Damage
More builds on the way
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Phoenix Strike assasin
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