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 Frenzy Assasin

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PostSubject: Frenzy Assasin   Sat Jun 06, 2009 9:28 am

The Frenzy Assassin

2x Fortitude War fists (Base skills optional but recommended)
Fortitude Armor
Purity Helm
Crafted Gloves -Lifetap or Amp (Amp recommended for pvp)
Golem's Might
Crafted Blood Amulet

Claw Mastery - Max
Blade Shield - Max
*Weapon Block - Max or until 60% block
Burst of Speed - Max
Venom Max
Fade - 1
Shadow Master - 1
Dragon Flight - 1/Dump
Cloak of Shadows - 1

(unrevealed to encourage diversity)

Charm Usage
(unrevealed to encourage diversity)

This character can dish out some major damage. No need for martial arts or any of that sissy Chuck Norris kicking crap. By harnessing the primal skills of the barbarian and utilizing them with the assassin's blocking ability, it makes for a very powerful combination. Also, since weapon block can block more than just physical attacks, it can also block spells too! So having an extremely fast and powerful melee attack and the ability to teleport on top of someone to use it makes for a deadly ambush. With max weapon block, sufficient HP, and good resists, this build holds up defensively as well. Remember to use your shadow as a decoy. Allow her to take the hits for you as you teleport inward. And if your lucky enough to get her on a mindblast spamming rampage then it should be all too easy for you to move in with frenzy for the kill Smiley

This build also works well for pvm with slight modifications. Lifetap obviously is a nice idea and also switching from overall damage to stat targeting is a good choice. Example being taking out Ohms and/or Divine Amethysts for things like Lo and Ber rune which cause Deadly Strikes and Crushing Blows. These work well with bosses and other monsters with high HP. This build has been tested and can kill many things very easily. Although i suggest if you build for PvM you modify the build away from frenzy as you will crash much much more often. I suggest putting those 20 points from weapon block into other skills like shadow master to beef up the summon. I also suggest changing out a fort claw for maybe a stormshield with divine diamonds to compensate for fade. Just make sure that for a pvm build you add much more dex to increase your natrual block rate.
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Frenzy Assasin
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