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 Overlord Necr (d2extreme Version)

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PostSubject: Overlord Necr (d2extreme Version)   Sat Jun 06, 2009 9:24 am

Obviously theres some here that you should and shouldnt have..first of all.
20 Raise Skeleton
20 Skeleton Mastery
20 revive? i unno i never use it.
1 into each golem so that way your +skills gear will give synergies.. i personally use iron golem for the thorns
1 amp damage
1 summon resist
1 golem mastery
1 raise skele mage

the rest is up to you.. poison would probably be your best bet.

Gear is the most important thing.. you want as much +skills as possible with some auras to make your minions that bit better.Some of this you might not have, might not have the ability or wealth to have, but try to get as much as i post.

Helm: Horn of hades with 1 all skills and up to 2 necro skills. its a definite must have.
Rings: 2x Ring of speed. 2 all skills, and alot more.
Amulet: izual's torment or Veil of Despair
Armor: Gray God's Mantle, Diablo's Scale, Shadow Trick
Boots: hoverboots, btravs, Blade (Runeword)
Gloves: Blade (Runeword), Dragon Fists
Belt: Arachnid's Mesh, Fury Lace, Monty Python's
Weap: Nithalik's Finger, Ume's Lament, HOTO(runeword) White(runeword) Arm of King Leoric
Shield: Homunculus, Darkforge Spawn, Spirit (Runeword) Hylian Hero, Lach's Guard

Switch Weap: CTA (preferably high +bo)
Switch Shield: Anything with +allskills.

Torch, Annihilus, Knights Gift, Thronegranter, Queenscall, Crafted Gcs with summons or PNB.


weap: Beast Axe, Doom Axe, Anything with auras.
Armor: Divine Protection For salv.
Ring: Chiad's and something else.
Helm: Crafted Castor's Helm (meditation)
boots: Hoverboots or one with an aura.
Gloves: Elemental's Enraged

Str: Enough to wear gear (ofc)
Dex: None. You wont need block since you have an army
Vit: All of it
Enr: None. Use potions or merc (the helm idea i provided has med, infin mana)

Misc info:

Basically socket everything with Divine Rubys(life), Divine Diamonds(FCR or reses), or psn facets (if you really want to use poison...) or some Divine Topaz (Mf) if you plan on having this char for the long haul and you want to use it for mfing.

Divine gem = 5 pgems (of one type) and zod in cube. Hit transmute.. And DING! Divine.. make sure to check which type of item gets which mod.
Belts= Weap mod
Boots= Weap i think
Gloves= Weap
**i think those are correct**
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Overlord Necr (d2extreme Version)
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